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About Us

Welcome! China Guoqiang High Tensile Fence Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a reliable supplier of high tensile fences for various uses including cattle fence, deer fence, sheep fence, field fence, horse fencing, grassland husbandry fencing and etc. Types of high tensile fence according to materials can be hot dipped galvanized fences, galvanized carbon steel fences, plastic coated steel fences. High tensile fences can be fixed knot fences or hinge knot fences according to processing differences.

The main disadvantage of high tensile fencing is that cattle may slip through the smooth wire easier if the wire is not electrified. Also, animals tend to rub on non-electrified smooth wire fences. Our high tensile fences offer the following benefits:
Easier to handle than woven or barbed wire,
No barbs to injure livestock,
A longer life,
Low maintenance needs,
A neat appearance,
Easily electrified,
Less expensive for most applications than barbed or woven wire fences,
Requires less time to erect,
Less time to repair, and
Fewer posts.
For quality high tensile fences, contact us now.