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Perimeter Fence

Finally, there is a perimeter fencing system that comes in 6' and 7-1/2' tall which enables you to create a barrier that will deter deer from intruding on your property or large garden. This allows you to create a Dog Park, or other large enclosure. Experts say that a fence should be at least 7-1/2’ high to protect from deer on large enclosures. Introducing the patent pending Jaguar Fencing System, the first attractive and easy to install do-it-yourself solution for your perimeter fencing needs. We offer everything you need to enclose your property, including leveling guides, tensioning straps, EZ gates and much more. Jaguar Fence uses powder coated aluminum (NO RUST) posts to create our durable yet lightweight system. The fence material is a UV stable Poly Propylene, which is built to withstand the elements and maintain its attractive but near invisible appearance. Furthermore, it is strong enough to stop a running deer. Calculating what you will need to build your perimeter fence is easy.