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Fixed Knot High Tensile Fence

Designed to meet all your fencing demands. Game Fence is high tensile, high carbon steel with four times the strength over conventional low tensile wire. Designed specifically for wildlife and is not a domestic livestock fence being used as a wildlife fence. Exceeding Class III galvanization assures three times the life over conventional hinge- joint fencing. When stock pressure, snow load, and the occasional tree falls on the fence, it will give with the load and will spring back to it's original shape in most cases. Animal impact loads are spread out and dissipated over the fence height and width for complete animal protection. The combination of the solid vertical 6 inch stay and the Hi-Tensile line wires allows this fence to be constructed using 25' post centers, and 1320' between braces. This provides a great savings to the producer in post cost and labor. The deep crimp in the horizontal wire maintains fence tension and allows the fence to follow rough terrain. This is the ultimate in fencing for all animals, large or small, wild or domestic. Available in 330' rolls, and up to a full 120" in height. With a high technology approach achieving the highest quality, you're assured the best overall performance and control for animal containment, exclusion and protection for your animal investments.